Improve Public Transport!

A traffic signal allows this Zurich tram to go ahead of private vehicles. (Source: Andrew Nash, 2002; click on photo for flickr group photos).

1. Introduction

This wiki presents recommendations for making public transport more attractive to customers and efficient to operate. Recommendations focus on relatively simple and inexpensive improvements that can be implemented quickly rather than more expensive and complicated measures like building new rail-based systems (we leave these improvements to other web pages).

2. Recommendations

To improve public transport in your city:

3. More Information

More information on improving public transport available here:

4. Please Help

This wiki is designed to provide accurate and easy to understand information about improving public transport. Please help us by adding information!

About the Project

Bus Meister uses an on-line game, social networking and a wiki to teach people how to improve public transport. By involving people in the improvement process we hope to stimulate creative thinking and generate the political support needed to implement good ideas. This page is part of the best practices wiki. Click here for more information about the Bus Meister Project.

The Bus Meister project has been assisted by funds provided by the City of Vienna through ZIT: The Technology Agency of the City of Vienna.